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Apollo Bay Beach Hut
Apollo Bay Beach Hut
Fully self t has been thoughtfully designed for you comfort and privacy and is in town an with established sea side garden with ocean views...
Apollo Bay
3 beds 6 peopleApollo Bay Beach is pet friendly
Apollo Bay Beach Hut
Bimbi Park
Bimbi Park
Accommodation styles including cabins, on-site vans, powered sites, safari-style tents and camping sites set in a sheltered woodland....
Cape Otway
1 beds 2+people
Bimbi Park
Great Ocean Walk Retreat
Great Ocean Walk Retreat
Luxury Country Apartments 300 m to Great Ocean Road and Walk Luxury, very well appointed apartments 300m to Castle Cove beach...
8 beds13people
Bimbi Park
Johanna River Farm & Cottages
Johanna River Farm & Cottages
Superb Ocean ; Valley views, Wood fire, Spa, Fully equipped for comfort ; privacy. Ideal romantic escape or family holiday.Working farm with friendly farm animals.
2 beds 4+peopleApollo Bay Beach is pet friendly
Johanna River Farm & Cottages
The Great Ocean Walk - Start in Apollo Bay and walk to the 12 Apostles

A Great Ocean Walk Eco Tourism Adventure

Call it ecotourism. It’s here. Call it adventure tourism. That’s here too. Call it sustainable tourism. Check. Call it nature-based tourism. Ditto. We have beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, hills, forests, trails and tracks. What you do with them is up to you. We guarantee you there’s plenty to do, provided you respect the country we’ve made our home. The Otways formed 130 million years ago; sea changes brought the coast to the Otways maybe 30 million years ago; indigenous Australians have lived with the land for the last 10,000 years at least; European settlement is not yet 200 years old. Out of that came the Great Ocean Road. Together these events have brought to you the region you’ve come to visit. Walk, hike, ride, fish, fly, glide, swim, surf, sail: do one, do them all, but what do they say? Take nothing but memories and photographs, leave nothing but footprints. This place is so beautiful it’s sure to have a huge impact on you. We ask in return that you leave no impact on it. For us, for you, for others, for ever.

Gibson Beach the Great Ocean Road Image from Parks Victoria Great Ocean Walk

great ocean road trip
Walking Tips


Mobiles in an emergency.
In many places in the Otways you won’t be in network range. In an emergency you can contact police, ambulance or the CFA by dialling 112 then pressing the YES key.
If you want to camp overnight on the Great Ocean Walk you must register with Parks Victoria on
13 1963
preferably six weeks in advance. All hikes on the walk must proceed from east to west.
Camp right.
Make camp at existing sites where provided. If you make camp, create as little disturbance to the natural environment as possible.
Do not dig drainage ditches.
Keep on track.
Follow defined walking tracks where they are marked. If you are walking off-track, spread out so you don’t walk in each other’s footsteps, deepening the tracks.

You’ll never walk alone.
For the times when you can’t help yourself. Advise at least two people about your planned walk and always have at least one companion. Four is considered a safe number for a group.

At least a litre.
If your mouth is dry you are already dehydrated. You should have at least a litre of water with you to rehydrate, two litres in hot weather.
Missed a blister.
Blisters are bummers. Rub Friar’s Balsam, methylated spirits or petroleum jelly on your feet to harden the skin. Keep your toenails short. That way they won’t rub or lift. Ouch!
Always carry with you a waterproof jacket and wool coverings for hands and head. The jacket is best with a hood and must be long enough to sit on. Headgear should cover the nape of the neck.
Speed limits.
The rule is that the group walks at the speed of the slowest walker. It’s a nature trip, not an ego trip.
10 Lost.
Most places you’re going in the Otways and coast have well-worn tracks. But if you do feel lost, stay where you are. Make your location visible. Rest and wait. Don’t waste energy.

For more Great Ocean Road Walk information. Great Ocean Road from Wiki Pedia

What is the Great Ocean Walk?

The Great Ocean Walk is the result of millions of years of planning by nature and five years of joining the dots by Parks Victoria. It’s here to stay for you to come here to stay … and wander.

Great Ocean Road Lorne - Apollo Bay
Image from Parks Victoria Great Ocean Walk

The walk is designed to be a “step on and step off” trail for the 91kms it follows from Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead, adjacent to the Twelve Apostles (or Nine, however many there are left now.) That means you don’t have to take the whole walk to be part of the experience. Planners have provided 11 “Decision Points” for you to plot your own course. They are short walks of varying difficulty and intensity to break up the trek. Along the way are seven hike-in campsites and four drive-in campsites.

For a quick taste of how good the whole walk is, try the drive-in campsite at Johanna Beach. Unbeatable. For good reasons, Parks Victoria directs walkers to always travel east to west. Parks people don’t want to overload hikers with rules and laws, especially when the idea is to enjoy the freedoms of the bush, but everyone has to be responsible for themselves and to others. That’s a big part of being an ecotourist. Hand in hand with responsibility is respect, a mighty word that goes a long way. In this case, 91kms. Respect the bush, the beach, the indigenous heritage (found around Cape Otway and Parker River) and other walkers. It’s not hard. It comes with the territory.

Marine Parks

Not all of Victoria’s parks are on land. Along the coast 24 marine parks and sanctuaries protect just over 5% of Victoria’s coastal waters. Eight of them lie between Barwon Heads and Warrnambool.

Great Ocean Walk Johanna Beach
Image from Parks Victoria Great Ocean Walk

Guided Tours

Of the 270 licensed tour guides that Parks Victoria has accredited, 145 have operations west of Geelong. They promote eco-tourism and recreation in a manner consistent with the aims and values of Parks Victoria.
You can be sure they will give you a safe and sensational experience.

Drive-in camping

At Blanket Bay, Parker Hill, Aire River and Johanna Beach, you can drive within metres of campsites.

At Aire River and Johanna Beach
you get tent pads, toilets, shelters, rainwater tanks and camp tables. Luxury. At Johanna, you camp right on the cliff edge with the mighty ocean booming below you.

Great Ocean Walk - Camp on the walkImage from Parks Victoria Great Ocean Walk

Luxury with the best view on the coast. All free, but you must
register on 13 1963 Great Ocean Road from Wiki Pedia